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Taylor Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine, Cateringassiste SA Live HD Webcam

Updated: October 15th, 2021 | USA |

The story of our new or almost new now dead Taylor soft serve freezer on the live webcam, the Taylor machine never worked properly and the companies agents in Portugal Cateringassiste S.A.,  has failed to repair it, replace it, and at last inspection by their technician told us the machine can only be fixed at the factory of Taylor in Rockton, Illinois, USA, as it left the factory with major faults. Cateringassiste S.A., Lisboa/Lisbon Portugal has not respond since 2013 to our Lawyers letters, our many emails, our phone calls are met with a embarrassed staff member not knowing what to say as none of his directors/managers are available for a few years now. Please can someone from Taylor Inc or United Technologies help us, our Taylor soft serve freezer has been standing looking very sad since 2014 yes 5 years and despite a email and phone to Cateringassiste last December 2018 we can’t believe that we have to go to these lenghts to try and get a response from some one at Taylor or Cateringassist S.A..The Ritz Madeira Island http://www.theritzmadeira.com, Portugal, attended a trade show for catering equipment at Lisbon in 2012, we saw some Taylor soft serve freezers and spoke to Cateringassist S.A. you had the stand and repesented Taylor, they told us that they supply McDonalds in Portugal with all their Ice cream equipment etc and we were impressed as McDonalds a worldwide chain must know more then us about whats a good product. We thought the prices were high so we made no decision to purchase. In a short space of time we received a phone call from Cateringassiste sales person who we had spoken to at the trade show and he told us he had good news on the price they could now offer us as a new Taylor soft serve freezer delivered to McDonalds in Lisbon had been returned after two days with a small leak and McDonalds policy of not accepting repaired goods meant a new machine for us at a very good Price 15,832Euros, what good luck we were having.The Machine duly arrived at the Ritz looking impressive and we waited for the technician from Cateringassist S.A. who was coming to Madeira Island to visit our close neighbours McDonalds 300 Metres from us and friends of ours to fire up our new/ 2 days in McDonalds Lisbon machine. The machine was constantly breaking down, lots of expensive visits flights etc from Caterassist technician and finally on the last visit he told this machine could not be fixed and had to go back to the factory. As cateringassiste would not respond we attended the Gelato fair in Rimini to buy a new soft serve machine and went to the Taylor stand and spoke to Mr Giovanni Giammetta Director of new business, shocked at what we told him he would immediately take action. One year later we were back at the Rimini Feria spoke again to Mr Giovanni Giammetta who was a little embarrassed as we had heard nothing from anyone, we then sent him by email the serial number of the machine with other emails, lawyers letters etc to Cateringassiste S.A., his reply was that he thought it was a new machine, not new as it was 2 days in McDonalds, and we were not covered by the manufacturers warranty. He suggested we contact Cateringassiste S.A. Portugal and return the machine and get a refund or exchange it for a smaller machine. After 6 years we have received no reply from Cateringassist and feel let little down by Taylor. All copies of of our emails etc we will add soon but we are hoping decent person at Taylor in Rockton, Illinois, USA will take some time to review both sides and make a fair judgement on what should be done. Normally would not do something like this but every day we see our Taylor machine standing alone not working and we think lets do something as this is not right.