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Praha-Vršovice Railway Station Live Webcam, Prague, CZ

Updated: September 14th, 2021 | USA |


This railroad webcam comes to you from VrÅ¡ovice, a district of Prague, Czech Republic, situated southeast of the city centre. The live video shows you Praha-VrÅ¡ovice Railway Station, set on the main line from Praha hlavni­ ni¡draži­, the largest railway station in Prague, to the city ÄŒeski© BudÄ›jovice. Eurostar high-speed trains and suburban trains of Esko Prague stop at this station. In the hillside district VrÅ¡ovice, explore the curious coffee shops in art nouveau buildings and the beautiful Havli­Äek Gardens surrounded by vineyards.To find this location in the lively capital of the Czech Republic – please use our map down on this page.

Source: https://tv.idnes.cz/