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Port of Itajai­ Live Webcam, Santa Catarina, Brazil

Updated: June 17th, 2022 | Brazil | , , ,


This splendid live webcam view of Itajai­ waterfront, in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina, presents an excellent overview of the mouth of the Itajai­-Ai§u River towards the Atlantic Ocean, as seen from Itajai­ Port. From this cam feed, brought to you by Absolute Business BNU.tv, you will see the ferries frequently crossing over to Navegantes city, pleasure boats and large vessels from and to the port.In the foreground, on the southern bank of the river, stands the ferryboat terminal in the central area of the city (Centro) as well as the cruise terminal and Itajai­ tourist pier. In the distance you see a pleasant sea view as well as glimpse of the tourist attraction “Molhe de Itajai­”, the narrow stretch of land displayed into the sea with a lighthouse. Besides this delightful water scenery, the city offers sand beaches and beautiful natural areas. Find more on this bright city in Brazil down on our map.

Source: https://www.bnu.tv/