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Nordlandet Live Webcam Kristiansund Municipality, Norway

Updated: June 18th, 2022 | Norway | ,

This live webcam stream shows you a scenic view of the western part of Nordlandet, an island in Kristiansund Municipality, Norway.
 On display are the colourful Norwegian houses, with mountain landscapes in the background. You can also see the ferry terminal (Nordlandet Sundbi¥tkai), on the right is the fai§ade of Nordlandet Church (Nordlandet Kirke), a major landmark in Kristiansund. On the left is Nordsund Bridge, a road bridge that crosses the Nordsundet strait between the islands of Nordlandet and Gomalandet. Set at the edge of the Norwegian Sea, Kristiansund is spread out on four beautiful islands, namely Kirkelandet, Innlandet, Nordlandet and Gomalandet, and features one of the best natural harbours in Norway – at the heart of the city Kirkelandet Island. Kristiansund is well known for its traditional dish – Bacalao “klipfish” (dried and salted cod), and its opera festival.
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