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Live webcam Saltstraumen strait, Nordland, Norway

Updated: November 11th, 2021 | Norway | ,

The moving live webcam takes you to the famous strait of Saltstraumen where it occurs the world’s strongest tidal current, in Norway. The small strait, near the town of Bodi¸, is 3 km long and 150 metres wide connecting Saltfjord and the Skjerstadfjord, and separating the islands of Straumi¸ya and Knaplundsi¸ya. The whirlpools can be seen every six hours with water speeds up to 37 kilometres per hour as the tide tries to fill Skjerstadfjord. Saltstraumen is navigable when the waters are calm and you may hire a boat or join a deep-sea fishing charter boat, as the area is abundant with fish! To find Saltstraumen location, in Nordland County, please scroll down the page to use or map.