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Live Webcam Odaiba Marine Park, Tokyo

Updated: October 11th, 2021 | Tokyo | , ,

This high definition online stream displays a stunning panorama of Tokyo modern cityscapes and Tokyo Bay, Japan.The live webcam is at Odaiba Marine Park, a popular green space and sports venue for the upcoming Tokyo Olympic games. In the foreground, you see the man-made Odaiba Beach and the magnificent waterfront of Minato City, a special ward in Tokyo. On the left-hand side you have a glimpse of the 115-metre (377 ft) tall Daikanransha Ferris wheel, the second tallest in Japan. From this park you can observe the futuristic scenery of the skyscrapers, including the little replica of the famous Statue of Liberty, one of Odaiba’s most recognizable symbols and an excellent viewpoint to the famous Rainbow Bridge across Tokyo Bay. Odaiba’s stunning night time illumination is a must-see. Please scroll down to look over this wonderful location on the map.