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Live Webcam Hotel Matts Matinkyli¤, Espoo, Finland

Updated: September 23rd, 2021 | Finland | ,

This live webcam view shows Hotel Matts from the centre of Matinkyli¤ in Espoo, Finland’s Uusimaa region.The high-definition online camera provides an overview of the hotel on Tynnyritie street and Suomenlahdentie street on the right; this stylish Scandinavian hotel and apartment hotel has 192 fine hotel rooms and 77 homely apartments with contemporary design, as well as the restaurant Ravintola Freja, which serves high-quality meals.It is set in Espoo’s Matinkyli¤ district, which is located between the Li¤nsivi¤yli¤ highway and the Gulf of Finland.The district has extensive natural spaces, 30 kilometres of walk and cycle path along Espoo’s Waterfront Walkway, and one of the country’s largest shopping centres, Iso Omena.Please scroll down to our map to find this area in southern Finland.