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Live Webcam Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Updated: May 24th, 2022 | Argentina | ,

This live webcam panorama displays Beagle Channel (Canal del Beagle) south of the resort town Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego island, Argentina. As one of the three passages in South America between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans, Beagle Channel was an important route for global trade, now a favourite route for cruise ships and boat tours with tourists enjoying the magnificent forested landscapes and glaciers along the strait. Ushuaia, as the largest town along this channel, is a significant tourist destination in Argentina and a gateway to Antarctica cruises and trips to the Isla Yi©capasela, or “Penguin Island”. Canal Beagle is approximately 150 miles (240 kilometres) long between Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego and other smaller islands in Tierra del Fuego Archipelago. 
To view this location in Ushuaia, please scroll down to our map.