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Live Streaming HD Webcam of Tromsi¸ysundet Strait, Norway

Updated: September 19th, 2021 | Norway | ,

Enjoy this pleasant live view of Tromsi¸ysundet strait from the city of Tromsi¸, in northern Norway. The city centre lies in the east part of the island of Tromsi¸ya, with suburbs in the mainland across the Tromsi¸ysundet strait, which can be crossed through the Tromsi¸ Bridge and the Tromsi¸ysund Tunnel, an undersea highway tunnel. Tromsi¸ is a modern city, offering many attractions including the Northern Norway Art Museum and a fabulous arctic aquarium, as well as activities such as whale safaris, dog sledding and kayaking. Tromsi¸ is ideal to see the northern lights, from September to March, and the midnight sun from May 20 to July 22.To explore Tromsi¸, in Norway, please scroll down the page to use our map.