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Live HD Webcam Taitung Duoliang Station, Taiwan

Updated: August 30th, 2021 | Taiwan | , , ,

This live HD webcam is located at Duoliang Station in Taitung County, Taiwan, which is a prestigious location for rail enthusiasts. Take in the scenery as you watch the trains emerge from the tunnel and pass by along the scenic coast.
Although it is no longer in operation, Duoliang Station remains a tourist attraction due to its stunning views of the railway, the sea, and the mountain, as seen in this 4K live streaming. Passengers on the Duoliang Line can board at Jinlun Station or Pingtung’s Fangliao Station and travel to Longxi Station, where they can enjoy the sights from the trains and beautiful sunsets.
Check out this location in Taimaili Township, Taiwan, on our map further down the page.