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Live HD Webcam Forum Square in Pula, Croatia

Updated: June 30th, 2022 | Croatia | ,

The HD live stream webcam above takes you to Forum Square on the beautiful seafront city of Pula set on the tip of the Istria Peninsula, in Croatia. This is the main city square since Ancient Rome, where stands the well-preserved Temple of Augustus, that you can see in front, on the left-hand side. The Roman temple is dedicated to Augustus, the first Roman Emperor, being probably built between 27 BC and AD 14, during the emperor’s lifetime. Beside it is the building called Communal Palace, the city hall, with its core dating from 1295, having been restored several times in different architectural styles. This old area in Pula is an important tourist attraction in the city, where visitors and locals can appreciate it with a drink or a meal in one of the establishments around the square. To explore this magnificent site in Pula, please scroll down to our map.