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Live HD Webcam Brunnsparken, Varberg, Sweden

Updated: November 19th, 2021 | Sweden | , ,

Watch the pleasant Brunnsparken park live with this HD streaming webcam in Varberg, Sweden. This attractive urban space with gardens, exhibits a broad view of the park, towards Varberg church (Varbergs kyrka). Around Brunnsparken, the cobbled streets are lined with restaurants for all tastes, with Varberg Tourist Information Centre among the establishments. The cam feed is set at Vi¤stra Vallgatan, a street safe for pedestrians and cyclists with excellent shopping opportunities! Varberg, in the county of Halland, is known for its scenic coast with delightful beaches; swimming and surfing year-round as well as its natural areas namely Getteri¶n Nature Reserve, a top destination for birdwatching in northern Europe. Have a look at our map down the page to see the location of this wonderful place.

Source: https://www.visitvarberg.se/