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Lajes do Pico, Live Streaming Webcam, Azores Portugal

Updated: July 5th, 2022 | Azores Portugal | ,


Live Webcam overlooking Lajes do Pico and its Port, on the Pico Island, of the Azores archipelago. On this panoramic view, you have a glimpse of the Mount Pico and the hilly seaside, a characteristic of the Azores Islands landscapes.This marina, in the southeastern part of the island, is the starting point for your cruise for whale, dolphin and seabird watching! You may also visit the Whaler’s Museum (Museum dos Baleeiros), enjoy the natural pools, an even stay in a waterfront hotel! Nearby, there is a viewpoint from the magnificent sea cliff Ponta da Queimada, and in the centre of island, is the Mount Pico (Montanha do Pico), Portugal’s highest mountain, a 2,351m-tall stratovolcano, with hiking trails!Have a look around Pico Island, on the Portuguese archipelago of Azores – down on our map.

Source: https://www.espacotalassa.com/