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Grote Markt live HD Webcam, Mechelen, Belgium

Updated: November 14th, 2021 | Belgium |

This HD live cam takes you to Grote Markt, the central square in the city of Mechelen, in Belgium. Set in the heart of the historic centre of Mechelen, the square is surrounded by magnificent buildings from different times and in contrasting architectural styles. The live view is towards the majestic Mechelen City Hall seen from the De Beyaert town house, a building dating from the twelfth century and former city hall. Every Saturday morning you should see an animated market, and also Friday to Sunday the two weekends preceding Christmas!Mechelen is famed for its 97-metre tall St. Rumbold’s Tower offering an incredible panorama over the city, and dominating the cityscapes. To explore Mechelen, in the Flemish Region of Belgium – please find our map down on this page.