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Beigan Baisha Harbour Live Webcam Stream, Taiwan

Updated: May 5th, 2022 | Taiwan | , , ,

Webcam streaming of Baisha Harbour, the main commercial port of Beigan Island, Taiwan. Thanks to the long coastline and crystal-clear ocean waters, this area offers beautiful views, and the Pingsgui Zun Wang Temple is really close.Beigan, officially administrated by the Republic of China (Taiwan), is the second largest island of the Matsu archipelago, with a population of approximately 2 thousand residents. The most populated area, where the main shops and restaurants are located, is Tan-chi village, one of the several interesting villages that you may discover — don’t forget to visit the live cams. This long and narrow island has high mountains (the highest peak is Mount Bishan, with 298 metres) and sandy beaches, as Tanghou Beach and Benli, the widest beach in Beigan.Matsu Beigan Airport establishes the connection between the Matsu Islands and the Taipei Songshan Airport, on Taiwan island. It is also used as a heliport. The ferryboats to Beigan will dock at Baisha Harbour.